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Things you Should Know About Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Egyptian cotton bedding

Egyptian cotton is one of the types of cotton but is obtained from a different plant. This was originated in Egypt and indicated by its name but now it has been grown in many parts of the world from a few decades. This plant is grown under full sun and in humid places only. The long staples of the Egyptian cotton plant make it ever popular and widely used. All these factors add up together & make the Egyptian cotton expensive. Egyptian cotton is used for making the beddings mainly because of the exceptional softness and smoothness it offers.

Egyptian cotton beddings are robust and durable & do not need to be replaced often. Moreover, they are softer with each wash and do not show pilling. This retains the soft texture of the sheets and keeps them in use for years. The long staples, higher thread count, thin fibers, and easy maintenance make the Egyptian cotton bedding ever-popular and useful.

Egyption Cotton

Egyptian cotton bedding is the best go-to option when it comes to buying durable and solid-colored beddings. There are many other reasons that make the Egyptian cotton bedding the best beddings ever. Keep on reading to find the details…

Strong and Durable

Egyptian cotton beddings if cared properly last for a lifetime. The tightly woven fabric material creates an even and smooth texture that retains forever. Egyptian cotton bedding absorbs dyes in their fibers and keeps the dye fresh as new after the years of usage. In addition to that, these beddings are hard wearing and shoe no sign of pilling or shedding.


If someone is a struggle sleeper or is suffering for night sweats, he/she definitely needs Egyptian cotton sheets because of their exceptional breathability. Egyptian cotton bedding is woven in a manner that it allows the air passage and helps you cool your body and sleep comfortably. These sheets are also a good absorbent of body moisture that helps you to keep the body dry and sleep tightly. Moreover, these sheets prevent the body from wicking and keep you fresh all the time. For better results, you can combine the Egyptian cotton bedding with an Egyptian cotton duvet.

Thread Count

Egyptian cotton bedding has a higher thread count which offers super softness and durability. The thread count is actually referred to as the number of threads in an inch. Therefore, a higher count refers to softer and more durable sheets. The thread count for Egyptian cotton sheets varies from 200 to 1000. But the good thing about Egyptian cotton sheets is that even a lower thread count gives you the best quality.


Egyptian cotton bedding is hard-wearing and does not show pilling. Pilling often makes the bedding uncomfortable for sleeping due to the rough texture. Egyptian cotton bedding is made from long and high-quality staples that do not produce any lint which is why it does not pill ever.

Easily Maintenance

Egyptian cotton bedding is easy to maintain and wash. They are strong and hard-wearing. That makes the bedding easy to wash and softer after each wash. You can wash these bedding both by hand or in the washing machine. But be careful while washing, avoid using harsh detergents and chemicals for cleaning the stains. Because they are likely to destroy the fabric material and lose the smoothness as well.


Egyptian cotton beddings are budget-friendly. They are affordable and don’t stress the budget. But as the thread count of these sheets goes higher, the price does. But if they have cared properly, they last longer and prove to be budget-friendly in the long run. These beddings do not need to be replaced often and can be used for a lifetime. So if you have never experienced an everlasting and never pilling sheet, it’s the right time to go for the Egyptian cotton bedding and enjoy them for many coming years probably forever.


Egyptian cotton beddings have reliable colors that are held by the fibers. The colors are solid and do not fade away even after the multiple washes and excess usage. These beddings retain the color and stay as fresh as new forever.

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